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A creative design studio inspired by nature, culture and community…

We design experiences for celebration and conversation.

Anamundi is a creative design studio & creative concept space; specialising in the creative direction and design of immersive experiences and soulful events for bespoke celebrations, corporate events & creative marketing.

Drawing on a tradition of theatre and live performance, Anamundi is dedicated to the cultivation of enlivened community through conversational dinners, sensory feasts, wildcraft workshops & local gatherings.

We seek to align individuals and communities with bright ideas and experiences that celebrate the beauty and potential of art, culture and design in our progressively digital age.

Creative and cultural innovation lies at the heart of what we do. We are passionate about working together with artists, innovators, activists and visionaries in the creation of events that stimulate creativity and create platforms for change and civic conversation.

Anamundi is for the restless. We believe in the power of beauty, art, live music and good food, shared in good company to spark dialogues for change and innovation.

We activate spaces with people and ideas because we believe that change begins up close, face to face and in the company of strangers.




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