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A creative studio powered by the artists, the creatives & the dreamers

We bridge the void between the digital landscape and the realm of connection, humanity and creative possibility

Anamundi Studio is a creative design studio specialising in the creative direction, design and execution of creative projects, dinner events and immersive experiences.

Anamundi Studio offers a “seventh sense” towards bridging the chasm between the creative and the commercial. We align brands & businesses with talented artists & emerging creative talents, to transform ideas, products and services out of the digital ether and back into the realm of connection, humanity and authentic impact.

We design events and experiences that help brands & businesses take a leap into the realm of possibility and expand their products & services into new directions with the help of those who live & breathe this experience; the artists, the creatives & the dreamers.

We believe in the power of artists & creatives to help take ideas off the page, out of the digital ether and transform them into real world unforgettable projects and experiences. Memorable experiences that not only cultivate connection and conversation but create authentic opportunities for elevation, growth and artistic expansion.

A passion for nature, culture, local love and community lies at the heart of what we do. It is through this intersection we believe opportunities for transformation and communal connection can come to life.

Allow us to elevate your vision to create something original and unforgettable…

Throughout my journey I have discovered an enduring and problematic chasm that exists between brands & businesses who have products, ideas & services to sell but lack the “seventh sense” on how to bring these to life. On the other side of the chasm are the artists, the designers & creatives practitioners who are hungry to create, to charter new territory and contribute to a world of exciting and meaningful experiences. These artists not only have the ideas, the solutions, the visions and the talent, but the experience to bring the magic that can bring these ideas to life.

Jasmine Christie

ANAMUNDI Creative Director