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 Anamundi is a new theatre.

Anamundi seeks to empower individuals and communities to reignite our minds and creative hunger to the vast potential alive in the world of nature, culture & design.

Through events, workshops and local gatherings, we curate spaces and shared experiences to inspire like-minded thinkers, creatives, and communities to come together and share in our collective desire for life amidst the traffic of the ordinary.

 We strive for beauty and seek wonder. We aim to excite, to delight, to inspire, to move and to awaken the senses to their fullest potential. To curate opportunities for connection and transformation is our greatest passion.

We believe in the collective power of beauty, art, design and good food, shared in good company to spark dialogues for change and innovation. 

We connect the dots and set the stage. We work with artists, designers, musicians, and innovators to raise the volume on brilliant ideas and bright voices carving new territory in the world of arts and creativity. 

Anamundi is a space for those of us who seek a messier, dirtier and more vibrant colour of life than the traffic of the ordinary with which we have become accustomed.

It is not about religion, hippy idealism or cave dwelling, it’s about the connection of real people who wish to inhabit life and rediscover their pulse amidst the all-consuming digital age. 

Without it we will continue to live in hibernation