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Anamundi Studio offers Creative Direction & Styling for brands, businesses and companies who seek a messier, dirtier and more vibrant colour of life than the traffic of the ordinary with which we have become accustomed.

We offer dining experiences for brands who wish to re-inhabit the pulse of their purpose & vision, to help connect the dots and set the stage to elevate your brand out of the increasingly digital landscape and back into the realm of connection and memorable experience.

We help transform abstract products and strategies off the page and into real world unforgettable experiences, alongside the most exciting creatives in the industry.

We design experiences that cultivate connection, conversation and create authentic opportunities for brand elevation & growth in real time.

We strive for beauty and seek wonder. We aim to excite, to delight, to inspire, to move and to awaken the senses to their fullest potential. To design authentic and inspired opportunities for connection and transformation is our greatest passion.

Anamundi is for the restless visionary. We activate ideas, projects, spaces and experiences because we believe that change begins up close, face to face, in the company of real people.

Without it we will continue to live in hibernation.



We believe in the power of artists & creatives to help take ideas off the page, out of the digital ether and transform them into real world unforgettable projects and experiences. Experiences that cultivate connection, conversation and create authentic opportunities for elevation & growth in real time.